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(and everyone knows I'm headed there anyway.)

This was no New Year('s) resolution. It could have happened last month, the week before HK2008, or while I was wandering about the city while trying to get used to my contacts. It's just that the long break had me thinking long and hard about what i really wanted to do.

I must have slipped when i hopped onto the wide wooden table in CTC307 and did the Indian sit, only jokingly quipping that I "always wanted to do this." And Mikko I'm on my way to becoming a dilf prof.

Of course I know that I have a long way to go before I can be proud of myself as an educator. At least I know exactly what to work on after taking my baby steps.

And don't get me wrong. I like my job, if decorating my desk today (with big colored slips pinned onto a corkboard with gigantic pushpins that could probably skewer baby guinea pigs) wasn't enough proof of a growing attachment to it and i had to say it for the record. I just wish i had more creative freedom. Obviously I wasn't going to get that as easily in corporate. Not at this stage.

Has it really been fifteen years?

5th birthday in '92 at OB, then grad pics taken around August of last year (okay, i missed by about two months, but when i saw these pictures side by side today i couldnt help but, ugh you'll see.)






Picture with Fr Ben. Of course almost everyone has had something like this:

(completed long ago, during Blue Roast)
I've had this for some time now on my pc:

Watch a japanese candlestick chart for a stock being traded in NASDAQ being drawn in real time.

(not the actual chart as I had no way to steal it. Dang i could have taken a pic. Oh well)

"I can give you the science, the art is up to you."

Or maybe if I go to graduate school, I'll learn how to give the art, too.
"We don't know what's going on in your mind"
Saw this rather curious-looking drawing at the lfc board after class:


And, look who's back from France! and Greece! and England! and Spain! and the Netherlands! and Italy!


AVO Poster finds its way to Starbucks

and bono decides to make known this little moment of joy